Power Auditing

Power Audit and Facility Evaluation

Power Audit is an inspection, evaluation, energy flow analysis and documentation of energy consumption and power equipment.
It is an important periodic exercise that should be carried out in order to identify how to reduce energy expenses, monitor and check for installation compliance to design standards/ installation laws and expansion prospects.

Power/Energy Audit Methodology

  • Basic data gathering and analysis.

  • Review of facility wiring and grounding systems.

  • Analyse recorded electrical data and utility disturbances.

  • Assessment of distribution components and performance evaluation.

  • Fault simulation on protection devices.

  • Provide written documents and recommendations.

Importance of Power Audit

  • Power Audit will reveal the true power status of devices, machinery and equipment.

  • Energy conservation by prioritizing the energy use according to importance and cost.

  • Power Audit helps managers to make predictions and load forecast for future expansion.

  • Power equipment optimization and predictive maintenance.

  • Reliable service delivery.

  • Power Audits helps to reduce unjustifiable cost wasted to over sizing, poor maintenance, etc.

  • Power Audits recommendations help in energy management for Peak and off-peak load periods.



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