Phase Monitor with Automatic Transfer Stabilizer (PMWATS)

Phase Monitor with Automatic Transfer Stabilizer (PMWATS)

Phase Monitoring with Automatic Transfer Stabilizer is also known as Automatic Change-over/ Transfer Switch with Intelligent Protection.

This is a multi-functional electro-mechanical switch that automatically switches a load between two or more power sources (Grid and Generators). It intelligently protects the loads against over-voltage, under-voltage and phase imbalance due to phase failure from either of the sources.

  • Under-voltage - drastic drop in in-coming voltage from the source in one or three lines of a three phase system.

  • Over-voltage - abrupt increase in in-coming voltage from source in one or three lines of a three phase system that can damage home/ industrial appliances.

  • Phase loss – this is loss of one or more phases from either Grid or Generator in a three phase supplied device or equipment which can affect appliances.

  • Phase imbalance the uneven distribution of single phase loads across the three phase system affect the generating set.

  • Phase reversal - reversing any two of the three phases will cause a three phase rotary equipment or appliance to run in the opposite direction damaging the coupling.

Phase Monitoring with Automatic Transfer Stabilizer (PMWATS) intelligently triggers switching between Generator and Grid sources when they sense one of the sources has lost or gained power.

Advantages of Phase Monitoring with Automatic Transfer Stabilizer (PMWATS) over Manual Change-Over Switch

  1. The automatic switching process that is so fast that it could barely be noticed.

  2. No human intervention is required.

  3. It is auto-attendant and stress-free; therefore reduces human labour.

  4. PMWATS Systems comes with power circuit protection against over-voltage and under-voltage due to short circuit or utility/Grid transformer fault.

  5. It protects against phase sequence imbalance due to phase failure from either Grid/Generator.

  6. The risk of changeover’s main contacts arc-flashes or partial contact arcing that can lead to over-heating; high overload current and fire hazard are eliminated.

  7. PMWATS protects electronics gadgets sensitive to power switching.

  8. It cancels human error of prompt switching, therefore reducing undue fuel consumption when grid is available.

  9. It is excellent and hassle free for zero power downtime purpose.

Phase Monitor With Automatic Transfer Stabilizer (PMWATS) are listed according to power ratings in KVA.

PMWATS-15                     PMWATS-50

PMWATS-20                     PMWATS-60

PMWATS-25                     PMWATS-75

PMWATS-30                     PMWATS-100

PMWATS-40                     PMWATS-125


Home Appliances
            Fridges, Freezers, TV, Home Theatre, DVD, Satellite Decoder, Electronics, Electric Stove/Kettle, Lightings,, Fans, Washing Machine, Microwave, etc.

Office Equipment
             Printers, Photocopier, Desktops, Notebooks, etc.

 Medical Equipment
               CT/MRI/X-Ray machine, Defibrillator/Pacemaker analyser, Anaesthesia machine, Autoclave/Sterilizer, Aspiration/Suction pump, etc.

Sensitive Equipment
           Telephone equipment, surveillance cameras, computers, etc.

General Appliances
             Pumping Machine, Air Conditioners, etc.



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