Vertex Standard

Since 1956, Vertex Standard has been a world leading provider of professional, affordable two-way radio solutions that enhance business productivity and public safety across a broad spectrum of industries. 

Connect without Compromise
Their goal is to overcome challenges and balance doing more with less. With their radios they maximise their potential and provides high performance at lower cost. The radios are precision engineered, compact and has expanded features and longlasting performance and durability

VXD-720 Portable Two-Way Radio Series
Easy digital conversion. 

The VXD-720 easily operates on analog or digital mode. It is the obvious choice in an era where analog soon will be converted to digital. 
It gives the option to work in both modes at the same time and its flexibility allows for conversion to digital one radio at a time, one channel at a time or the whole system at once. It provides the essential voice and text communication needed in everyday work. Read more

VXD-7200 Mobile Digital Two-Way Radio Series
Easy digital conversion:

The VXD-7200 Mobile digital two-way radio is widely used because of its option to work in both analog and digital mode. It uses the digital protocol DMR which makes it compatible with other models and brands using this technology. It promises you maximum return of investment because of its easy transmission from analog to new equipment. Read more


VXD-R70 Digital Two-Way Repeater
Maximum return of investment: 

The VXD-R70 is compatible in both analog and digital mode and offers easy transition to digital when ready. The repeater proves the essential voice communication needed. It works in the digital protocol DMR which makes it compatible with other DMR models and brands. Read more

Compact radio:  
This small compact radio from the VX-230 Series Portable Radios is light and easy to carry. Its Li-ion battery ensures longer battery life up to 9 hours. It is provided with 4 additional scanning options for greater convenience and flexibility to fit your work.  It covers both VHF and UHF and therefore expanded frequencies to use. It has the option of Lone Worker for enhanced security. If working in a team it even informs the single worker and the team if someone is out of range. 

All-Purpose Radio
The VX-350 has many built-in capabilities. It gives various options without extra costs. The radio is ideal for people that want a small radio with many features. It serves all purposes and is a radio fitting for many areas and segments. It exists in two options, the VX-351 and the VX-354. It has security features like Lone Worker, Whisper and ARTS™.

Safety and Industry: 
The industrial grade VX-450 Series is built for heavy duty use and has many additional features. It enhances worker uptime with expanded safety applications. The main aim for this radio is the safety of workers in industry. It has options as Lone Worker, Man Down and ARTS™. It is build for extreme environments and is very reliable.

Intrinsically Safe: 
Designed to perform in demanding and critical conditions this small-size VX-820 Series gives you maximum performance and flexibility. They are the smallest radios but has enhanced features compared to other radios of same size. The VX-820 Series Two-Way Radios are very robust and suitable for a variety of verticals. They can be tailored to meet your communication needs. This Series are what keeps you safe and never lets you be alone. They have remote listening enabling colleagues to listen to what is happening in case of no answer and a variety of other security options.



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