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MedTel Cloud PBX VoIP Phone System is easy to set up, easy to use and will benefit any organization by its low cost. Whether your organization has one location or multiple locations, we assure you will get quality calling services without the hassle of maintaining an in house PBX VoIP System.

With MedTel Cloud’s mobile app,you can answer all of your incoming calls right from your mobile phone. Experience a phone system that saves you money while increasing your capabilities - from conferencing to messaging, smooth call transfers to more versatile voicemail.  Plus better options for automated attendant, smartphone apps, PC softphones, and more.  That's the power of cloud PBX, made even better by MedTel Services.

Why MedTel Cloud VoIP System

  • Our Cloud PBX VoIP Phone System is tailored and scalable.
  • Each Cloud PBX VoIP Phone System is configured to precisely match your requirements.
  • Moves, adds, and changes can be implemented quickly and easily when needed.
  • Our Cloud PBX VoIP Phone System is flexible.
  • Numerous locations can be serviced by one instance of the Cloud PBX VoIP Phone System, making it the ideal solution for a  distributed workforce.
  • The capacity at any one location is only limited by the bandwidth of your broadband internet connection.
  • Our Cloud PBX VoIP Phone System is secure.
  • Our Cloud PBX VoIP Phone System's voice communications, signaling packets, and user registration information are protected by 128 bit AES encryption.

    MedTel Cloud Features

    1. Voicemail
    2. Auto Attendant
    3. System Administrator
    4. Remote Capability
    5. Softphone App on WiFi Smartphone
    6. Softphone on a Windows PC
    7. A desk phone
    8. 75 Voice functionalities
    9. Meet Me Conference
    10. Intelligent Call Routing
    11. Call Recording (optional feature)


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