Our series of Site Event Buffer (SEB) remote agent appliances, known as "SEB NET-PATH," are solid-state units used to capture, filter, threshold, correlate and report critical alarms to the IRISnGEN application or a vendor independent Network Management System (NMS). In many cases, service-disrupting issues are corrected immediately, before they can affect the end-user customer.

We offer our customers three SEB NET-PATH remote agent appliance options to best meet your specific requirements:

SEB NET-PATH - Our "flagship" remote agent appliance, the SEB NET-PATH manages up to 20 network elements for effective fault automation and configuration management. This appliance contains up to 8 communication ports, 1 Ethernet port, up to 16 contact sensors, 32 Mb Flash/128 Mb SDRAM.

SEB NET-PATH Plus - This sophisticated device includes all the alarms management capability of SEB NET-PATH, plus the protection of firewall technology. VPN access securely connects NOC engineers and remote workers to customer networks. Using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), this device can consolidate management FOR up to 20 network elements. The SEB NET-PATH Plus contains 4 communication ports, 2 LAN/1 WAN Ethernet ports, 8 contact sensors, and 32 Mb Flash/128 Mb SDRAM.




SEB NET-PATHm - Designed for smaller PBX's or Key Systems, this entry-level, remote agent appliance contains 2 communication ports, 1 Ethernet port, 4 contact sensors, and 16 Mb Flash/64 Mb SDRAM, and manages up to 5 network elements. This device shares the same software as the standard SEB NET-PATH, but with a limited physical footprint. If more than 5 elements must be monitored, simply upgrade to SEB NET-PATH!


All SEB NET-PATH'S are configured with the following:

  • 1U rack mount enclosure
  • V.90 Modem/LAN/WAN Connection
  • Serial Connections
  • Data capture and remedial maintenance
  • Advanced fault correction using defined scripts
  • Use of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) agents
  • Secure in-band or dial-up access
  • Data storage and polling
  • Internal UPS
  • Internal Battery Backup 

Benefits at a Glance

  • Secure access for remote devices
  • Proactive fault detection and correction
  • Real-time event delivery
  • Reduced downtime with automated data management
  • Lower phone costs with minimized calls into the NOC

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