Cerato VCSe 100

The Cerato VCSe 100 is a communication solution for businesses of all sizes. With a variety of models, the VCSe100 provides your organization with reliable voice communications, voicemail and wireless capabilities. They are scalable products for your business, integrating a feature-rich phone system, IP phones and powerful software features that will improve your company’s productivity while saving you on-going monthly costs. The VCSe100 is an excellent choice if you are evaluating your businesses phone system



  • The Cerato VCSe 100 is solid state architecture with no assembly required.  No moving parts means fewer failure points, no need for card installation or swapping, and less susceptibility to extreme environments.

  • Our SIP VCSe communication servers provide a forward compatible platform protecting your platform investment from 1 to 500 users and protecting your handset investment all the way to 9000 users.

  • The Arcata Vision Video phone makes it easier for you to do your job effectively by providing a seamless integration to network IP cameras. Vision Video phones allow for video verification prior to activating doors for deliveries, secured employee entry, or granting after hours customer access.  They also provide face-to-face video calling for people in remote locations.

  • The Cerato VCSe 100 utilizes the quality, reliability and extensibility of the MedTel Services 20-20 architecture.  This gives you over 20 years of rock-solid history supporting you and your customers.

  • Not only does the Cerato VCSe 100 support the Arcata SIP phones, but it also provides integration with a number of SIP-based endpoints, including IP network cameras, intercoms, paging speakers, and SIP DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony) for complete mobility.



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